Designing Websites with IMPACT

by | Aug 25, 2021


As we settle in the new ways of digital business, one thing has become apparent, the way we design and develop websites has to change.

Over the past two decades, websites were an essential part of “being in business”. Literally, many companies adopted websites as a way to prove they are indeed a real company, and to showcase what information, services, and products they offer. Even today, you’ll still hear some businesses say, “We have a website just because people expect you to have one if you’re in business.” To some extent this statement is correct. Many customers or associates will often ask for a link to your website to learn more about your company, and if you don’t have one, that definitely leaves some impression of the brand or company. That being said, the COVID19 pandemic has drastically changed the nature of how websites have worked for decades. This article will discuss 3 key elements that will help you shift your website from a tool that showcases your state of “being in business”, to a tool that fundamentally shapes “how you do business”.

Customers now expect your website to be engaging

According to an article posted by the Business Development Bank of Canada, consumer behaviour has drastically changed due to the COVID19 Pandemic, and customers have fully embraced the convenience of online delivery of information, services, and goods, to such an extent that these behaviours may never change. So it goes without saying, if customers (en masse) are now going on online to access information, services, and goods, then they have consequently developed new expectations of what they will find on your websites. In this case, your company should be making every effort to create a customer journey that starts on the first page of your website and continues on into some form of the conversion funnel. Marketing companies have been working for decades to entice customers into website marketing and sales funnels, and the pandemic has only expedited these efforts, such that now customers are equally expecting to be engaged and guided towards accessing your product or service.

Companies are starting to use websites for business operations

One of the prevailing advantages to having consumers switch to online modes of accessing services and products is that businesses can start automating their business operations. As we’ve seen with big box stores and large corporations, automating your business operations via your websites can have a huge on your impact. Standard website automation features include online payment options, digital and dynamic forms, ordering and scheduling features, and online product and service catalogues. Simple things like allowing your customers to pay for services online can make your operations more seamless and efficient. At this time, small businesses should be looking into the various grant programs that are available to support digital business adoption in Canada. Here’s a list of a few:

Websites have enhanced how services and products can be delivered

Designing websites with an impact means that you will ultimately make a difference to your business’s bottomline. The overarching feedback in the pandemic is that many business processes have become better as a result of the major uptake of online delivery of services and products. In this case, better means more efficient and more effective. As a small business, you should be thinking about ways in which you can enhance the delivery of your services and products. Are you a coach or professional that can create a portal for your clients to access restricted content? Are you a restaurant that can have your menu fully online and have barcodes that customers can scan when they get to their table (Do we all still have to share hand-held menus)? In many sectors, there are endless opportunities to enhance the way you provide your services or sell your products. Our team at WebHFX is always happy to meet with new businesses and discuss what new strategies could be adopted on your business websites. Get hold of us and let’s make impactful changes to your website!

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